Thursday, April 30, 2015

Updated NetScaler 10.5 Content Switching

First I want to say it's been awhile since I wrote up an article back on NetScaler 9.3 Code, not much has changed but just enough I figured I would write up one for 10.5 Code.


First login to your NetScaler, Expand Traffic Management, Load Balancing, and Click on Servers. Click Add

In this example we will be using Domain Name, this Requires DNS to be configured prior to this step. Note the Server Name Field is just for Display proposes, and the Domain, is the FQDN of the Backend Server we are wanting to utilize.

Next we Need to Create a Service to Bind to the Backend Server, Click Services, And Click Add

The Service Name is just a Display Name, Select Existing Server, Select the Server you created in the Above Step, Select the Correct Protocol, And port number.

Click Continue

Click Done

Click Virtual Servers, Click Add

Name is again just a Display Name, Select Protocol, and in this Example we are going to use Non Addressable for the Type

Click Continue, Click on the No LBVserver Binding

Click Bind

Click The Service we created earlier, Click Insert

Click Save

Click Continue

Click Policies

Click the Plus Sign

Select Cache Policy, Leave Type as Request, Click Continue.

Click Bind

Select the No Cache Reset Policy, Click Insert

Click Ok

Click Done

Now to change it up, Click On Content Switching, Click on Actions, Click Add

The Name Is just a display name, Select the vServer We created from the Dropdown List, Click Create

Click Policies, Click Add

The Name is yet again, just a display name, Select the Action we just created, now for the Magic, In the Expression field, HTTP.REQ.HOSTNAME.CONTAINS("NameToFilterAgaist"), Click Create

Select Virtual Servers, Select HTTP, Click Edit

Click Content Switching Policies

Click Bind

Select The Policy we just created and Click Insert

Click Ok

Click Done

That's it, Now as long as your Domain Name and IP all match you should get to your Backend Site.


Thanks for reading