Friday, May 25, 2012

Citrix Provisioning Service 6.1 and ESX

So after a few hours of beating my head against the desk, and reading a few dozen articles, this is what I have found.

Well First I was going to go on how you had to down grade your Target agent to 5.6 Sp2 to make things work and how you would have to piss off your ESX guys by having to use the E1000 driver, but all that has changed.  Earlier this month, Citrix released a "Hot Fix" CPVS61E001 for PVS 6.1 basically it is PVS 6.2 from what I can tell :)  anyways it is about 700Mb and you have to completely remove the existing install and re-install the core software, you will be asked to upgrade the Database so make sure you have a good backup.  Then install the New target Agent.  Now for the wrinkle this is all fine if you are Running ESX5 if you are still on 4.1 like a lot of people, you will need to apply Hot fix CPVS56SP1E011 (Don't ask)  Now you can use ESX4.1 and the VMXNET3 Driver.


Hope this helps, thanks for reading.

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