Thursday, April 19, 2012

MDS and MDSworker

Hi all I recently ran into an issue with my Mac. My battery life went from the original 6-7 Hours down to 1.5 Hours, as you can imagine this was not ideal, I noticed my CPU was being used at 100+ percent, and MDS and MDSWorker Process just burning it up... So after a lot of Googling I found that it was Spotlight Search causing the issues Anytime I disabled Spotlight Indexing CPU went to 0% reenabled jump back to 100+% even after letting it sit for a few days.  So I started playing around... It appeared according to forums and blogs that Spotlight was stuck on something, and most of the time people said it was time machine, so I disabled local snapshots, nothing.  Disabled Time Machine entirely, still high CPU.  So then I set the privacy settings in Spotlight to exclude /library/Backblaze and what do you know, CPU dropped to 0%.  SO the point of this post is, most likely you have some application installed that has a Locked file that is causing the MDS & MDSworker process to go nuts, in my case it was BackBlaze's Database... So every case maybe different but cause will most likely be the same.  A locked file... Anyways hopes this helps.



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