Thursday, April 19, 2012

MDS and MDSworker

Hi all I recently ran into an issue with my Mac. My battery life went from the original 6-7 Hours down to 1.5 Hours, as you can imagine this was not ideal, I noticed my CPU was being used at 100+ percent, and MDS and MDSWorker Process just burning it up... So after a lot of Googling I found that it was Spotlight Search causing the issues Anytime I disabled Spotlight Indexing CPU went to 0% reenabled jump back to 100+% even after letting it sit for a few days.  So I started playing around... It appeared according to forums and blogs that Spotlight was stuck on something, and most of the time people said it was time machine, so I disabled local snapshots, nothing.  Disabled Time Machine entirely, still high CPU.  So then I set the privacy settings in Spotlight to exclude /library/Backblaze and what do you know, CPU dropped to 0%.  SO the point of this post is, most likely you have some application installed that has a Locked file that is causing the MDS & MDSworker process to go nuts, in my case it was BackBlaze's Database... So every case maybe different but cause will most likely be the same.  A locked file... Anyways hopes this helps.



Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sluggish iPhone 4 (fixed)

So I have had my iPhone 4 for almost a year, throughout the year I have installed and uninstalled many app's as well as tested beta IOS releases and always update app's and IOS versions as they come out.  For the last two or three weeks I have noticed my phone getting extremely slow...  So I started rebooting everyday, but this only fixed the problem for a few hours.  I removed any app that I thought might be "running" all the time... Still nothing. Reset all settings again still nothing. As I was just about to reset my entire phone and start over I decided to take a look a few things such as HOLY Crap I have how many text message Oh maybe that is why it takes several seconds to open messages. Oh and maybe the 40+ voicemail's will help the phone open a bit quicker. So needless to say I removed 2000+ text messages, 40+ voicemail's, and 1400+ Photo's/Video's from the camera roll, and WOW this thing is like brand new!  On a side note now I don't really have an excuse to get a new iPhone 4s :(