Tuesday, November 29, 2011

XenApp 6 Install Guide

You will be presented with a list of Prerequisites. This will take a while to install all Prerequisites, however this will fail if your server is pending a reboot. You can check this by opening up Server Manger, and look down at the bottom left. If it states that it can't refresh until the server is rebooted this section WILL FAIL.

If you are installing the first XenApp 6 Server you will click on Create a new server farm. You will then be prompted with a Screen asking you for a SQL Server. It is almost the same as the screen shots below, and the rest of the install is the same.

Click on Existing Microsoft SQL Server Database

Enter the Server Name and Existing Database Name, Most of the time this will be Integrated Windows authentication

Enter in your SQL Credentials then click Test Connection.

These are the Defaults I always put into place.

This step really isn't to important as we will have to add Version and Server to the base Citrix Policy.

I have always chosen port 8080 this however can be any port number just remember what it is.

You will need to apply the below hotfix for things to work correctly.

You should be good to go...

And as always before installing anything on a Citrix Server first run the command below.

Once the installation is complete run the below command.

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