Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Provisioning Service’s 6.0 Image update (Versioning Document)

First login to your Provisioning Service’s Console, drill down to the vDisk Store you are wanting to manage. In this example we only have one store. Right Click on the vDisk you are wanting to update, and select Versions...

Notice this vDisk already has one Version Plus the Base image. Also note that the one version is in “Test” Mode (we will get to this later). Click New

Now we have a new Version in “Maintenance” Mode. Click Done

Now within the Provisioning Service’s console, Under Device Collections... Select the Base/Golden image, Right Click and Select Properties, under Type Select Maintenance

Under your Hyper Visor Console... XenServer is being used in this example, Select the Base/Golden Machine

Notice we now get a few option’s when we boot up our base machine now

We are going to select Option 1, which is the new Version in Maintenance Mode.

Once the Machine boots up all the way and we login, we can verify the state of our image/Version by double clicking on the Provisioning Virtual Disk status agent.

Notice the Mode is in Read/Write now.

So here is the break down of the differences between Versions

Maintenance = Read/Write

Test = Read Only, Without affecting any other device using the base image

Production = Read Only, Pushes all changes to any device using the base image on next reboot

So to change the version, simply go back to your vDisk store, select the correct vDisk, Right Click on the vDisk and Select Versions. Click on Promote, and select Test, I highly recommend Setting to test and log back into the Base Machine, and test all applications.

Once you are satisfied with new Version following the same steps as above, Click on Promote and now we have two options, either Push this image immediate (Next reboot) or you can schedule to release the version for next reboot on a scheduled day.

So how does this look and how do I keep my vDisks in sync between local Provisioning Servers Drives.

So if you notice we have a new file type “.avhd” instead of the standard “.vhd” basically all this is doing is creating “Snapshots” and “Delta Files. So now instead of having to copy the full Flat VHD, all we have to do now is copy the Delta files too the other Provisioning Servers. So take for example the latest Version Win7_V1.3 we now only have a 320Mb file to copy across the wire instead of another 9Gb file.

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