Sunday, November 6, 2011

Citrix Web Interface 5.4.0

So a nice little feature (aka bug) I discovered in Web Interface 5.4 is client Deployment from local files vs. having to go to to download the latest client.

The bug is it works for all OS's except Windows which most people use.  The fast work around (Still trying to find the fix) is to do the following:

Under c:\Program file (x86)\Citrix\Web interface\5.4.0\Clients\Windows

Create a folder named "Online Plug-in"

Copy CitrixReceiver.exe and CitrixReceiverEnterprise.exe from c:\Program file (x86)\Citrix\Web interface\5.4.0\Clients\Windows\Receiver to c:\Program file (x86)\Citrix\Web interface\5.4.0\Clients\Windows\Online Plug-in
Rename CitrixReceiver.exe to CitrixOnlinePluginWeb.exe
Rename CitrixReceiverEnterprise.exe to CitrixOnlinePluginFull.exe

That's it pretty simply work-a-round.  Thanks for Reading


  1. I ran into this a bit ago. I called Citrix support on this one to find out how easy of a fix it was. I saved it in my OneNotes but maybe I'll repost on my blog.

    Thanks for another good one Lawrence.

  2. Or you can change the following line in webinterface.conf file for the the website
    # ClientIcaWin32=Filename:CitrixOnlinePluginWeb.exe,Directory:Windows,Mui:Yes,ClassID:238f6f83-b8b4-11cf-8771-00a024541ee3

  3. The only drawback to doing it within the Webinterface.conf is that you would have to do this for every site and remember to do it for new sites you create... It is a very nice option if you have a site that needs a custom package.

    Thanks for the feedback and other option.

  4. Really great visual appeal on this website, I'd rate it 10.