Saturday, May 28, 2011

Synergy Notes

So some of my favorite announcements! Well the first being OS 10 being part of the VDI offering!!! Open Stack, this is going to be extremely hot bring the cloud to everybody. This along with Open Cloud Bridge! This can be one of the coolest things since slice bread...

One of the best new actonorm ROI = Return On Individual what a great thought think of the people using your systems. Something is to be said about a soon to be new buzz word, just think Virtualizing the User just think when devices, and OS's don't matter just you the user!!!! With Citrix and it's partner AppSense is getting you there.

Anyways just wanting to get some of this out now. I will have more about Apple VDI, the new HTML 5 Citrix Receiver! And all the little tips and tricks I picked up... Oh and the new expanded XenClient 2

Thanks for reading and stay tuned

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