Friday, April 29, 2011

XenServer Build on HP Hardware

XenServer Build

BIOS Settings

Disable the Following:

Turbo Boost

Set Power Management to Performance

Under the following "Power, Advanced Power, Minimum Processor Idle Power State"

  • Under Power Management Disable ALL C-States

HP power regulator

  • OS Control Mode.

Build RAID

To get the RAID Controller menu on post press F8 this will load the LightOut configuration

Exit out, and now you should see the RAID being initialized. Press F8 to run the RAID Configuration utility

Create Logical Drive

RAID 1+0, No hot spare and ALL Drives are part of the RAID.

XenServer Install

Verified Media

Local Disk Thin Provisioned Optimized

Password "Choose one"

Eth0 – Auto

Hostname Xen01, xen02, xen03, etc…. xen06

DNS – auto

America Whatever country you want

Los Angeles Whatever Time Zone is Closest you want

Manual Time entry


Set time

Remove media and Reboot

BURN IN Atleast 2-5 days.

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