Friday, April 29, 2011

XenServer 5.6

Just a quick note.  Found this one the hard way, Like usual! There is a known issue "not documented" with XenServer 5.6 and C-States, + Power management.  Also Turbo Boost.  This NEEDS to be Disabled. This is more documented in 5.6 FR1.  If you are experiencing random Pool Master lock ups, Freezes, or Reboots the above is most likely the cause.  Here is the link to the Citrix KB article .

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  1. I have been hit with the same problem on my research experimental harness consisting of 20 Dell servers. The Broadcom NICs on the Dell R510 blades would randomly die during a 10 hour long experiment. I could not reproduce the problem on a smaller scale, therefore the debugging iterations were too long.

    In summary, the problem was too annoying and with little to now clear leads as what it was all about. I think Citrix and Intel should have spread the news better than the way they did. Also, what a pity rolling a buggy optimization feature (C-states) that is turned on by default.