Friday, April 29, 2011

XenDesktop 5 Update

So just a quick write up… One of these days I actually will do a FULL write up on all the new Features of XenDesktop 5.

So far a few things to note…

New Power Management Features!  You can now adjust the Idle Desktop's by hour.  So you can light up 10 between 6am – 7am, drop down to 5 for 8am – 9am and back up around 1pm!  Pretty sweet to really get the most out of your infrastructure.

Power Management: You can now use the XenDesktop console to manage Idle Times, and what to do with a disconnected session.

Citrix Policy: You can now adjust FPS via Policy instead of Registry hack.

Quick Deploy… This is a really slick feature, when used with Thin Provisioned Storage.

Quick Deploy: Using Local Storage, once you add ALL SR's to the Host connection you can easily keep everything across multiple Local SR's up-to-date with one base image, just a side note it can take awhile depending on network speeds and how many XenServers/Local SR's you have.

Using Pooled Mode updating images can't be easier, Simply update the base image, create a Snapshot, and run the Update Machine wizard, wait and done!

Like I said just a quick update, and hopefully this week I will do a full write-up

Thanks for reading

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