Friday, April 29, 2011

Streaming Apps

Ok so I forgot to but this info in earlier posts so here is another quick note:

For Applications with Service's you will need to create a White List for them if they are not digitally signed.  Here is how to do that…

hklmSoftwareCitrixRade add AppHubWhiteList  REG_SZ  Value = servername Some Examples would include serverx;servery Notice that there are NO spaces between them, if you are using HTTP or HTTPS you will need to include them example http://serverX;https://serverY

Now if your Application keeps trying to invoke MSI's you will need to add the following: 0 = Disabled and 1 = enabled (Default)

hklmsoftwarewow64CitrixStreamingHookAppInit_DllsCtxSbxHook  Add Dword  Hookmsi set to 0

hklmsoftwarewow64CitrixStreamingHook64AppInit_DllsCtxSbxHook  Add Dword  Hookmsi set to 0

Ok that is it for today I will post again when I get Visio2010 working on a consistent bases.

Thanks for reading.

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