Friday, April 29, 2011

SmartCard Pass-Through via NetScaler 9.2 Access Gateway

Ok so here is the first part with ALOT more to come after some fine tuning tomorrow…

Environment Run down:
XenApp 4.5, Web Interface 5.3, and NetScaler 9.2 this can be a VPX box.. Now for the fun stuff.

  • First you will need to install IIS on a Win2k3 box yes this can be 64bit, that is what I have been using
  • Change IIS port to match Current Farm's XML Port, Restart IIS
  • Now install XenApp 4.5, during the install select share XML port with IIS
  • Now install Web Interface 5.3
  • Create a site with the Access Gateway being the Authentication point (you will need at least a self-signed cert for this step for IIS)
  • You will then want to select SmartCard, and SmartCard Pass-through (you will need to restart the server for this to take affect)
  • Add the local machine as for the XML Service provider under the Site's Farm Settings
  • Add the local machine as the STA for Secure access

Now to the NetScaler

  • Create an Authentication server using only Cert, then select Principal Name
  • Create a virtual server
  • Select the Server you create above as the authentication method
  • Create a policy set it for ICA Proxy, then point to the Site you create above…

Things should now work

I will be posting a more detailed HOW-TO guide with a video for at least part if not all steps required.

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