Friday, April 29, 2011

Backup’s, Recovery, and Sync’ing

So I am just letting people know what I use but would love to hear from all of you what others use.

I use a combo of applications, one is Live Mesh, I use this in a few ways, I use it to sync ALL my photo's between my computers (bypass Skydrive), I then sync up a lot of my Documents, this I do utilize the SkyDrive feature.  Second I use CrashPlan bypassing the "Cloud" I use it by having a Server with 1TB drive, and lastly I use Acronis True Image for weekly/monthly backups.  I will be also be creating a few more backup points right now I only backup my CrashPlan to one Server that is located at my house, but will be soon backing up to a second site. I will also creating a Live Mesh client at my second site to make sure I have all my data even in the event of total lost of my house!  The main reason for using True Image is for extremely fast recovery in case of total lost…

One down side to running multiple backup type applications means more space on the backend as you are backing up are data three times.  But this does give you multiple ways to recover in case of minor to major failures.  So CrashPlan and LiveMesh are free… You can pay for "Cloud" space for CrashPlan.  Acronis is worth every cent…

Thanks for reading and please comment on how you handle backups.

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