Friday, April 29, 2011

Adding More Desktops to a Catalog and Assignment (Local SR)

When First Creating the Desktop Catalog this can take quite a while depending on how many "Local SR's" you have in your Host connection. Once it is created it will fly, unless you add more storage because it has to copy the Base Image and Snapshots over to the new Storage Repository. Also you may have your XenCenter Disconnect depending on the network connection.


Desktop Host connection and Snapshot being used for the Current Catalog

Adding more Desktop's to the Catalog

Add Desktop Wizard


Select the Correct Active Directory OU for the Desktops to be created in, as well as the naming convention Use "#" to represent numbering

Click Finish to start the Desktop Creation


You can check the status by hovering your mouse above the Catalog Name


Now we need to add the newly created Desktop's to an Assignment/Desktop Group


Right Click and select Add Desktops

Select the amount desktop you want to add now


Click Finish and you are done


Thanks for reading and please feel free to comment if you have a question…

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