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XenServer 5.6

Just a quick note.  Found this one the hard way, Like usual! There is a known issue “not documented” with XenServer 5.6 and C-States, + Power management.  Also Turbo Boost.  This NEEDS to be Disabled. This is more documented in 5.6 FR1.  If you are experiencing random Pool Master lock ups, Freezes, or Reboots the above is most likely the cause.  Here is the link to the Citrix KB article .


XenDesktop Project… Starting!

Oh yeah XenDesktop to the MAX! We have been in the planning phase for quite some time as deploying over 5000 virtual desktops is a little bit of a change and challenge.

So first had to decided on Virtualization Platform… Do we add to the existing VMWare ESX environment or build a new one? After many talks New one it is, and XenServer 5.6 was the choice.  Second decision, Storage? Again do we utilize existing infrastructure or build out a new one?  Build a new one that is going to be dedicated to XenDesktop.  Now time to prove all this… Pretty simple with XenServer and their true saying 10 til Xen!  Within about 2 hours the first Win7 box was getting its final make over. vDisk provisioned and once I get the DHCP scope created and device’s MAC addresses allowed on the network, we will have about 100 Desktops rocking!

More to come as the projects continues…

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XenDesktop Project… Keep Posted!

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Just about to start a small XenDesktop project with only about 5000 XenDesktop’s.  Most likely will be building a small XenServer farm to support it!  More to come on the challenges, tweaks, and work-a-rounds as they come… Going to be fun.

XenServer Beta!

I maybe a XenServer convert! The new XenServer still in Beta has memory over allocation, and the new XenCenter console is way nicer then before… Wait did I mention MEMORY over allocation!!!  So I have been an ESX man for quite sometime and haven’t really played with XenServer… But WOW how easy, install on one server, configure it, install XenServer  on the next, joined to the Pool and what do you know it simply configures itself to match the other!

When they say 10 minutes to Xen! They mean it, I brought up two XenServers fully configured in about 15-20 minutes. Migrated my XenApp Server from the ESX cluster to the Xen Cluster and again wow, the performance is excellent now time to try other servers… I may put a video together for the install and initial config , but it will be a short video…

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