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XenServer Performance Counters…

I have had a few XenServers that have had their CPU/Memory and other Performance Counters stop showing up or showing as a negative value.  Most likey cause is due to the date and time being off from the pool master.  Configure or double check your NTP settings. As well as the Date on all XenServers within a Resource pool.


XenServer C-States for Cisco UCS

This has been tested, and proven for over a year with a large XenDesktop customer.  Here is the BIOS Policy we put in place that have been working great.


XenServer 6!

With the Release of XenServer 6 this brings a whole new era to the XenServer Product line!  You want a vGPU well you’ve got it!  How about auto protection of your critical VM’s again you’ve got it!  Application Pools, every get tired of your XenApp Servers powering up before your SQL Server?  Well now you don’t have to worry just create a vApp with the order in which you want that group of Servers to start!  Auto Protect, and Archiving of snapshots.  Now if they could only throw Pool Level Performance monitoring…

More to come on all the new Products Just built a XA6.5 Server, a PVS6 Server and XenDesktop 5.5 server!  Also hoping to be configuring Cloud Bridge and Cloud Gateway.


Thanks for Reading

XenServer Self Service!

Anyone every need to give a user access to the console of a virtual server or desktop but not want to give access to the full XenCenter console.  And all the training and warnings that go with it.  Simple solution, that is easy and convenient for both plus gives you the ability to lock things down say just to that one Servers console.  Simply download the Virtual Appliance from and import.  Run through the Wizard and your are up and running in less then 10 minutes…


Select the Version of XenServer you are running and then Download “Web Self Service Virtual Appliance” roughly 200mb.

Once you have it imported simply add a Pool, and your done!

XenServer Build on HP Hardware

XenServer Build

BIOS Settings

Disable the Following:

Turbo Boost

Set Power Management to Performance

Under the following “Power, Advanced Power, Minimum Processor Idle Power State”

  • Under Power Management Disable ALL C-States

HP power regulator

  • OS Control Mode.

Build RAID

To get the RAID Controller menu on post press F8 this will load the LightOut configuration

Exit out, and now you should see the RAID being initialized. Press F8 to run the RAID Configuration utility

Create Logical Drive

RAID 1+0, No hot spare and ALL Drives are part of the RAID.

XenServer Install

Verified Media

Local Disk Thin Provisioned Optimized

Password “Choose one”

Eth0 – Auto

Hostname Xen01, xen02, xen03, etc…. xen06

DNS – auto

America Whatever country you want

Los Angeles Whatever Time Zone is Closest you want

Manual Time entry


Set time

Remove media and Reboot

BURN IN Atleast 2-5 days.

XenDesktop 5 Update

So just a quick write up… One of these days I actually will do a FULL write up on all the new Features of XenDesktop 5.

So far a few things to note…

New Power Management Features!  You can now adjust the Idle Desktop’s by hour.  So you can light up 10 between 6am – 7am, drop down to 5 for 8am – 9am and back up around 1pm!  Pretty sweet to really get the most out of your infrastructure.

Power Management: You can now use the XenDesktop console to manage Idle Times, and what to do with a disconnected session.

Citrix Policy: You can now adjust FPS via Policy instead of Registry hack.

Quick Deploy… This is a really slick feature, when used with Thin Provisioned Storage.

Quick Deploy: Using Local Storage, once you add ALL SR’s to the Host connection you can easily keep everything across multiple Local SR’s up-to-date with one base image, just a side note it can take awhile depending on network speeds and how many XenServers/Local SR’s you have.

Using Pooled Mode updating images can’t be easier, Simply update the base image, create a Snapshot, and run the Update Machine wizard, wait and done!

Like I said just a quick update, and hopefully this week I will do a full write-up

Thanks for reading

XenDesktop 5!

Starting this project out right.  XenServer 5.6 FP1 and XenDesktop 5.  And wow XenDesktop 5 way different and so far way better… Just the only gotcha so far is DON’T go with 2008 Native Active Directory… YOU WILL HAVE ISSUES AKA DOESN’T work.  Other then that minor issue everything is cruising right along.  2 of 6 XenServers, and 10 of 400 Desktops rocking.  Now for the fun testing 5 different thin clients.

Will more details to come.  Thanks for reading.

XenServer 5.6 FP1!!!

So far still holding true to the Ten to Xen, and really like the “Easy Button” they have now for Thin Provisioned SR’s.  First boot takes a little longer then one would expect but afterwards it is about the same as 5.6. I am still disabling the following just because I had to with 5.6.

Disable ALL C-States

Power Management Disable or set to OS Control Mode

Power Management Performance if there are multiple places to configure.

Thanks for reading more to come on XenDesktop 5! As this project continues…

Starting a New XenDesktop Project!

Tomorrow I will be starting a new XenDesktop Project!  XenDesktop 5 running on XenServer 5.6 FR1… The Current XenDesktop Deployment is humming right along… We are sitting at 300 users, and growing everyday.  The infrastructure is built to handle over 1000 Desktops and built to expand to 5000 with just XenServer adds.

This new Project is a little smaller but I get to play with all the new shiny tech.  More to come tomorrow, as I pre-build the infrastructure, now the only issue is storage…

Health Checks, Monitors, and Alerts

Here are a few of the Power Shell Scripts I have wrote for checking varies components that XenDesktop and Provisioning Services need to operate.   You should find the Scripts attached below.  Note you will have to install the SDK’s for both XenServer and XenDesktop.  Also note that the XenServer 5.6 SDK’s do not work on Windows 2008 R2 (yet) I am not sure about the XenDesktop SDK’s

More to come…

Thanks for reading.  And Stay tuned for more







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