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Provisioning Service’s 6 Target Agent Install

Select Target Device Installation

And Select Target Device Installation again…

Click No, you will be restarting later

Again Select No you will be restarting shortly

Type in the Server name or IP Address

We are going to create a new vDisk

Give it a name and for this example we are going to use Dynamic VHD type.

Just click Yes if you receive a warning

Give the New Target a Name Note: this cannot be the same name you assigned to this Server…

Now go ahead and click Yes to reboot. Make sure you either have the BDM ISO or The VM set to boot to Network with DHCP Options enabled.

Once you log back into the VM you should see this window.


Provisioning Server 6 Install Guide

First we are going to install the Console Snap-in’s

You will get this if you didn’t have .Net 3.5 Installed first. Follow the below few screens to install it via Server Manger.

Ok now that we have .Net Installed we can continue the Snap-in install

So now that we have the Console Snap-in’s installed, time to install the Server Components.

We are assuming DHCP Services are running on a different server.

We are going to use either BDM (Boot ISO) or DHCP Options

Enter a new Database Name, Enter a Farm Name, Enter a Site Name, and Give a Collection Name. I usually use builtin Administrators

I recommend using a Domain Service Account that is Local Administrator to the Provisioning Server(s) And I always Check the Configure the Database for the account, I have had issues in the past if I didn’t check this box.

Leave Defaults

Leave Defaults

Check the Box and Leave Defaults

I highly recommend Disabling the Windows Firewall on the Provisioning Servers

Got to love UAC

EdgeSight 5.4 Install

Load the EdgeSight Media

Select Your Language

Click Next

This is a full Frontend and Backend install

Note: You will have to manually install the prerequisites

Go ahead and Launch Server Manager and Add the above roles and features, as well as the below

Note: unless you are needing SSL you can ignore this Warning

Once you read and accept the terms click next

Select the right Database Server

Either use the Default Database name or give it one of your own… Note you HAVE to create the database via the installer.

Type in the Correct Username this has to be an SA level account only during the install

If you get this error you need more Space under the SQL Install location

Free up space and re-run the installer.

This is the screen you should see.

EdgeSight Server is now ready for receiving data from EndPoint Agents. You will have to configure Reporting services

UCS Faster Boots

To speed up UCS Blade boot time Disable Legacy USB from within the BIOS from KVM, this for some reason is NOT an option within the BIOS Policy and has to be manually done on Each Blade…



Just moved my Blog to WordPress

I just recently moved my blog from GoDaddy to WordPress, please let me know what you think about the performance.  Or if you are having any issues.  I ended up changing the theme yet again but hopefully I won’t have to keep tweaking things anymore.



Windows 8 Install and First Look

Windows 8 Install

So far looks pretty standard, however this install seemed to go way faster than the Windows 7 installer

New Windows Loader… A reboot in Parallels takes a whooping 15-25 seconds

Setting up your network

Now for the new Tiles GUI, When you press the start button or press the Windows Key you get your new interface.

Notice Ribbon’s are everywhere now!

Internet Explorer Launched from the Tile Screen… You can still launch IE 10 in “Desktop” Mode


More to come as I have time to play with all the features.

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