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Skype and Citrix!

This is really exciting news to me… GoTo Meeting has never really been a product I just would talk about to customers, it was always a product I would mention more or less as an after thought.  (I am not sales guy as you can tell) however now that this really is a full  end-to-end solution, which I can easily see this as direct competition to say Poly-com and all those EXTREMELY expensive video/audio conferencing solutions.  With Skype integration within the already great GoToMeeting product, just makes Citrix Standout just that much more as a true end-to-end solution.  Below are the links to both Citrix and Skype for more info as well as the interview YouTube video.



Thanks for reading even though it is a little old news by now… But still extremely exciting news


Citrix XenApp 5 Win2k8 Install Guide/How-to

  • Pre-reqs
    • DotNet 3.5
    • XenAppHosted (ICA Client)
    • Jre-6U5-windows-i586-p
      • This is required to install the old CMC
    • Delete Microsoft XPS Document Writer (Printer)


Launch Autorun

Select the correct Edition you are licensed for… This can be changed later

Click Application Virtualization

After “reading” the EULA, Select I accept the license agreement

Click Next

Un-select the above

If you receive the above message Under the Passtrough Client options reselect then unselect the options and it should go away.

Click Next

Click Next

Click Finish

Click Next

Keep Defaults, click Next

Click Join an existing farm, Click Next

Un-check “Use default zone name, type in “XENAPP5″, Click next

Type in the name of the SQL server, and click next

Select SQL Server Auth, type in the Username and Password, Click Next

Depending on the environment this may have to be set to Windows Auth

Change the default database to XenApp, Click Next

Click Finish

Click Test Data Source…

Click Ok, If this fails go back to the beginning of the data source setup and re-enter and verify all fields

Select Use the global farm settings, click next

Check Force a shadow acceptance popup, and Log all shadow connections, click Next

Change this to 8080, click next

Select Skip this step, and add users later, un-check Add Anonymous users also, Click Next

Click Finish

Uncheck View the Readme file, click Close

Click Next

Click Next

Click Next

Click Finish

Click Finish

Click Yes

XenApp Tweaks…

So here are a couple files for tweaking your XenApp environment…


Complete List of Citrix Support Troubleshooting Tools

Just a quick link to an Extremally useful CTX page I will also be adding this to the Links section


Thanks for reading

Hyper-V SP1?

So I am writing this before I have tested to actually see if it pans out. But from what I can tell Hyper-V maybe the better choice for VDI. The reason I am saying this is the way it handles memory over commitment. The way both XenServer and VMWare handle memory over commitment is they will wait until the Host is running low on Physical Memory then it will start telling the VM’s to hand their memory back, causing lots of thrashing and over loading the Kernel of the Host. Now the way Hyper-V handles this is just a little different. It starts VM’s actually using the minimum set value of RAM vs. XenServer and VMWare where it starts VM’s using the Maximum and then the host slowly reclaims memory. Hyper-V is better for VDI in this way as it starts the VM’s using the minimum allocated RAM it stacks easier and makes less over head on the Kernel for as it doesn’t have to keep requesting Physical Memory back.


So conclusion is for VDI Hyper-V has the potential to be a great foundation however it is still pretty new to the enterprise space as well as XenServer. I hopefully will be able to get some time to actually test this in the next few weeks but definitely wanted to get it out there as food for thought.


Thanks for reading

Rough Data Map for XenDesktop 5

This is a rough draft Data Map for XenDesktop 5, it is a little on the Citrix bias but what can I say…


Just to note the XenServer cluster mainly is representing whatever subnet the VDA’s or Virtual Desktop Agents/Machines are running on.


Hope this helps, please comment if you have any questions.


Thanks for reading

XenDesktop 5 Agent Install

Sorry a little out of order but none the less the extremely easy install for Quick Deploy

Run Auto Select

Click Install Virtual Desktop Agent

Click Quick Deploy

Click Install

Leave Defaults and Click Close


Thanks for reading

Adding More Desktops to a Catalog and Assignment (Local SR)

When First Creating the Desktop Catalog this can take quite a while depending on how many “Local SR’s” you have in your Host connection. Once it is created it will fly, unless you add more storage because it has to copy the Base Image and Snapshots over to the new Storage Repository. Also you may have your XenCenter Disconnect depending on the network connection.


Desktop Host connection and Snapshot being used for the Current Catalog

Adding more Desktop’s to the Catalog

Add Desktop Wizard


Select the Correct Active Directory OU for the Desktops to be created in, as well as the naming convention Use “#” to represent numbering

Click Finish to start the Desktop Creation


You can check the status by hovering your mouse above the Catalog Name


Now we need to add the newly created Desktop’s to an Assignment/Desktop Group


Right Click and select Add Desktops

Select the amount desktop you want to add now


Click Finish and you are done


Thanks for reading and please feel free to comment if you have a question…

XenDesktop 5 Configuration (Local SR)

Just a quick and basic walk through of a Quick Deploy… Please comment if you would like to see more detailed, or deep dives into a specific area of XenServer/XenDesktop

Click Quick Deploy

Enter Site Name

Enter all above info… Click Next


Select the Correct Storage and Network Settings.

Select the Correct VM

Select the Correct OU, and Click next

Notice the type-o…


Thanks for reading

XenDesktop 5 Install

Just a very basic setup guide…

Download the latest install media from*

Extract the main Package and either Extract or Burn the XenDesktop 5 Media

Run AutoSelect

Select Install XenDesktop Server

Click “I accept the terms and conditions” only after reading and accepting the terms yourself

Click Next

Leave Defaults

Click Next

Click Next

Click Install

Click Close

New Console!

More to come on this…

Thanks for reading…

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