Citrix Provisioning Server Notes:

So here are a few notes I have been working on for deploying XenApp via Citrix Provisioning Services. Some Docs say order doesn’t matter, some say they do… I have found it does matter and this is the order that has been working great for me… Obviously every environment is different and these may have to be altered a bit…

  • Install Citrix – (Install to C:) -> Need this for streaming apps
    • Update Citrix to latest rollup and hotfix to match your current environment
  • Install PVS Target Agent
    • Reboot
  • Change the following Registry Keys

Target Device:
DWORD = EnableOffload
Value “0”

Provisioning Server and Target Device:

Key: “DisableTaskOffload” (dword)
Value: “1″

  • Reboot
  • Install XenApp Offline Plugin
  • Install XenApp Prep
    • C:Program Files (x86)CitrixXenAppPrep>
    • Run XenAppPrep.exe /Pvs
  • Convert to vDisk
    • Run Optimization
  • Boot to vDisk into Private Mode
    • Test
    • Change C:Temp permissions…
      • Add Domain Users
        • Set to Modify
    • Change Pagefile to C: set to 4092mb (You most likely want this to match the amount of Physical RAM you have)
    • Change Radecache size accordingly.
    • Shutdown
  • Set image in standard mode…
    • And Deploy!…  Almost
      • For All new Turn up you will want to verify the following:
    • First login to the Provisioning Server Console:
      • Create the new Device(s) that will be using this image
      • Create the Active Directory Machine Accounts
      • Login to New Provisioned Servers verify all services are running correctly
      • Open Disk Manager, and Format the New Drive as NTFS
      • Reboot server
    • You will have to change the Following:
      • Login into the Citrix Access Management Console
      • Citrix Presentation Server Edition, à Change to Platinum Edition
      • Change Load evaluator
      • Move to correct Folder location
      • Go to the Servers Properties and Click Trust XML Request
      • Assign Correct Applications
    • Login to Citrix Presentation Server Console
      • Click on Policies
        • Right Click on “Enable Password Manager policy”
        • Select Apply this policy to…
        • Click on Servers
        • Locate the New Server(s) and enable them

As Promised updated from “And Deploy”


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